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    We give the highest priority to our customer's concerns regarding the privacy of the information they share with us. We maintain our customers, and the information they share with us, in the highest Security. Your privacy is highly sophisticated & delicate to us. We will not disclose, share, or give access to your information to others in any manner.Please take a while to read our Privacy Policies for a better understanding of the initiatives we take to protect you and the information you share with us.

    We collect information to:


     1) Instatntly and Correctly Carry Out Your Order.
     2)  Improve Your Flexibility Of Shopping Experience.
     3) To Inform You About Any Service Delays / Functionality Changes On Website / Order Processing Delays in Rare Cases.


    We will take all initiatives to ensure that any details that you submit to us are kept secured. The details that you submit to us will be kept to execute orders only. Guaranteedunlock will not willingly dispatch on any details of customers or web site visitors to any third parties. You have the rights to withhold personal information that is not needed for the transaction.   


    We Reserve The Right To Refuse The Fulfillment Of Any Order In The Event Of An Unsatisfactory Verification Of Your Order. You Can Check The Information That We Hold By Sending Us An E-Mail & Requesting For The Information.

    If You Find Any Inaccuracies, We Will Delete It Or Correct It Promptly. The Personal Information That We Hold Will Be Held Securely.

    If You Have Any Queries About Our Privacy Policies Please Contact Us At: 
    [email protected]

                                                                                   Your Statutory Rights Are Not Affected By This Privacy Policy.